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Episode 133 Boobs and Satan

On this episode we announce our retirement from podcasting.  Our last show will be on January 31st.  If you have something you want to tell us leave us a voicemail […]

Episode 132 Busy Going backward

In this episode we talk about a non-random arson in Alabama.  Then we decide never to go to Egypt because of thought crimes.  We get some old new bills in […]

Episode 131 Watch the Mic

Ingersoll stuff Facebook Crumbling Creeds   “The Great Agnostic: Robert Ingersoll and American Freethought”  By Susan Jacoby-   “What’s God Got to Do with It?: Robert Ingersoll on […]

Episode 130 Year End Blowout

In this episode we get a couple of updates on previous news stories including one stunned Roy Moore campaign spokesman.   Then we learn that the feminist witches have […]

Episode 129 The Plague

On this slightly shorter episode Robert clings to  life as The Plague has set upon his chest and sinuses. We talk about the new Patreon fees and how you can […]

Episode 128 Bullied Bumbles

In this episode we talk about American Atheist annual holiday billboard.  Then we move on to some kids being bullied at school for not being Christians. The rant for patrons […]

Episode 127 Not Equal

On this episode we talk about two different cities and their reactions to atheist displays. Then we discuss a new bill that suggests that the Bible Museum is not religious. […]

Episode 126 Fairy Tale

In slightly shorter and slightly more explicit episode we call the Pope a hypocrite.  We wonder why a fictional book has a museum in the capitol. We also look at […]

Episode 125 No Moore Roy

On this week’s episode we go over an update to the GOP Tax plan. Then we see if Jesus can fix erectile dysfunction.  We also talk about a new citizen […]

Episode 124 Gaming the system

In this episode we talk about a video game turned religion.  Then we discuss some of the finer points of the GOP budget. We round out the news with a […]